Error while transferring funds




  • Official comment

    Hey Laura,

    My name is Josh and I am a Customer Success Agent for Gazelle! I am sorry you are bumping into this issue. I would be happy to help.

    It sounds like something in the background of your bank connection may have changed. This happens sometimes and is completely out of the control of our users. The good news is it is an easy fix! I think if we unlink and relink your bank account you should not run into this issue anymore.
    To unlink you account tap the Account tab on the bottom of your screen. Then tap Linked Accounts. Lastly, swipe left on your account and tap the little red trashcan. Once this is done, try relinking your account and pushing the transfer through again.

    That should solve your issue. If not, reach out to us at and we would be happy to help!

  • Jeff

    Hi Laura - are you still having this issue? I'll have our Gazelle Customer Success team reach out to you.



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