Error thrown every time I try to transfer




  • Official comment

    Hey Don Dunn,

    Thanks for reaching out! This error could be happening for a handful of reasons. I would suggest to unlink your account and relink your account to see if that helps. If not, we encourage others who are bumping into this error to reach out to Gazelle Customer Success. You can do so by tapping Help in the bottom right hand corner or emailing us at

    Thanks, Don! I will reach out to you via email to dig into this further.

  • John Higgins

    The way you wrote that makes it sound like you attempted to tranfer and failed. If so, when you are trying to transfer, are you using the routing number off of the Gazelle app? The routing number there seems to only work for direct deposit.
    I have another post on Invalid Routing Number, which has the correct routing number to use for bank-to-bank transfers

  • Joshua

    Hey John Higgins,

    Thanks for the input! However, I think Don is running into this error when using the Move feature inside the Gazelle app. We recommend trying to unlink and relink your account first, then reach out to us if the issue persist.


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