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  • Official comment

    We are excited about this one! 

    So as of right now, Gazelle does not connected to EveryDollar :( BUT we are actively working with the EveryDollar team to change that. In fact, Gazelle will have the best and most unique connection with EveryDollar because everything will be done "in house" and not through external partners. We look forward to things like instant transactions as well as other cool features we will discover down the road!

    If you keep your app up to date you will be notified when we finish building the connection!

  • Andrew Brower

    This integration between EveryDollar and Gazelle is going to be amazing! I've been using EveryDollar for 4+ years now and have always wanted a more seamless connection between it and my banking

  • Sam Griffith

    Not going to lie, this would be the ultimate "sticky feature" for my wife and me

  • Lisa Waite

    Same here!


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